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About Unorthodox Box

Unorthodox Box is a company based in Slovakia that makes mobile video games. We create relaxing games that help you unwind after a day full of whatever life has decided to throw at you. With the help of some awesome freelancers and other game lovers we have created our first game called Comfy Girl!  Our company works remotely and has its awesome members all around the world.

Since we need people of various expertise to work on our game and we can’t yet pay them all full-time, we have a pool of talented experts (mostly freelancers) that work on the game when needed instead of a classic 8-hour full-time employee type of work.

We make extra efforts to adapt to the needs of people who work with us to create a comfy work environment 😏. 

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Comfy Girl

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Comfy Girl is our first game. Inspired by the comfy lofi aesthetics it should be your place to relax after work or school. With the lofi music, calming animals, chill gameplay and no forced ads that you must watch – Comfy Girl teaches you how to take it easy. It’s a casual idle game.

This is just the beginning – We intend to keep adding content to the game and improve it for years to come.

So don’t be shy, try it out and help the Comfy Girl create the coziest home.

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